handles for chest freezers, upright freezers and show cabinets , material ABS , standard colour white
Whit lock, two keys and hook , silk screen printing , chromium plating

Electronic board technical specification : voltage of current supplied 230V ±10% or 110V ±10% , supply frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Operating temperature 0 -60°C , compressor relay 10A , sound buzzer intensity >= 70 dB at 10 cm (OPTIONAL)
Control electronic board components: Led display , display push-button, red led for temperature alarm , yellow led for accelerated freezing function (the led switch off after 24h working)
Accelerated freezing push button , temperature alarm buzzer (OPTIONAL), JST power connection , JST sensor connection (for alarm and temperature signal) , electronic temperature probe

Cylinder lock "Push & Turn" in compliance with IEC 60335-2-24 International Standard , this cylinder automatically eject the key when locked or unlocked

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