Serie Push 3P

The Push 3P series closure device is a three-point closure device for cold-storage rooms doors. The Push 3P device can be used on single padded doors with leafs fitted in the hinges, weighing up to 100kg, up to 2500mm high and 1300mm wide and with a doors thickness of between 50 and 159mm.
The system is comprised of an external handles connected to an internal safety device, which also functions as a handles, in turn connected to the upper and lower closure points.
The internal safety device falls under the category of emergency devices and has a thrust plate action, in accordance with applicables EC regulations.
Two different models are available from the catalogue: Activa and Sfera .
Though the two models have different overall dimensions, the dimensions most important to the user are the same for each model: the height from the internal handles to the inside floor.

1. Assembly:
The assembly of the Push 3P series system is very quick and easy.
2. Design:
Using the Push 3P series system allows the considerable inconvenience of having a series of one-point and three-point doors next to each other to be overcome: up to now the outside of the doors would have been aesthetically different.
However, with the Push 3P series system the outside of the doors are identical as the 3 closure devices are located on the inside of the doors.
3. Modular design:
The Push 3P series system can be easily fitted to single-point central closure Push systems:  doors can be installed with 1 point systems and later upgraded to the 3 point system.
This flexibility is greatly appreciated by installation technicians, who are thus able to correct any doors closure problems during the installation process.
4. Storage area:
The Push 3P series system allows customers to optimise their storage areas.
Thanks to the possibility of upgrading from a single closure point Push system to a Push 3P series system, the operations required by the customer for fitting the two systems are the same.
The possibility of being able to choose the system to be fitted at a later date, allows the customer to unify the pads and thereby reduce the number in storage.
5. Dimensions:
The three closure strikers are identical and have a lower profile (9mm), than those currently available.
6. Installation:
Thanks to the adjustable catches on both the central point and upper and lower additional points, the closure system can be adjusted quickly and easily.
Using a hex key to adjust the registration screws on the central device and upper and lower devices, the travel of the catches can be adjusted to reach the optimum operating position without the need to remove the closure device from the doors.
This registration system allows optimum doors closure to be guaranteed.